Wake Up and Go

​..fasted cardio….woooo!🏃💦💪

The main benfit for a short 15-20 minute fasted cardio session  is targeting fat cells for energy. Anything beyond that minute mark will put you at risk for using amino acids for energy and therefore put your muscles at a disadvantage. 

Do not depend on only this tactic as a healthy meal plan and routone workouts make an all around balanced fitness plan. 

Train Smart my friends!
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Healthy Environments

This week a lot of the focus was environment. This pertaining to who and what you surround yourself with on your fitness journey. 
If you want to obtain a goal, you want to be around like-minded people. The truth is that you can work out hard 5 days a week and then cancel everything out with just a weekend of being off track. 

The times your not in the gym is when true DISCIPLINE is tested. Go into situations with a plan. 

*Pack food

*Eat before

*Do light cardio before a b-day dinner

*Get connected with like-like-minded people

Friends and family do not see you putting in hours and hours of work. So the “just one bite” or “just one bad meal” doesn’t cut it. Stand up for you and your goals. PERIOD.

Exercise Tip: Group Training

“Save money while getting in shape


Most groups are arranged based on fitness levels & similar goals. Weight loss is among the most popular due to steady increases in obesity over the past two decades. People who work in a group will create a level of social support that isn’t attained through working out alone. The sense of community is motivating and fun when each person is cheering and pushing one another. The group training method encourages everyone apart of it to the program and tackle obstacles.

If what your currently doing isn’t working, it’s time for a new approach. You may come to find it’s better then you expected!